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Faculty of Information Science
Get full access to some of Japan’s most advanced facilities and equipment as you learn cutting-edge information science and technology

What you’ll learn in the Faculty of Information Science

  1. Get world-class software engineering skills with exceptional hardware and software at your fingertips!
  2. Open up endless career possibilities with an extensive array of experiments and seminars!
  3. Take on innovative projects aimed at making life richer!

Departments and majors

Department of Information Science

We turn out software engineers and digital media creators ready to step onto the broad global stage.
  • Computer Systems major

    Learn the software development technology and peripheral environments knowledge you need to become a successful engineer in ICT or the manufacturing industry.

  • Media Information major

    The digital media industry is undergoing constant expansion and development. We train world-class media creators with a full complement of integrated skills.

We’re training world-class creative professionals who can take us into the future of people and computers

  • Shigeharu Kito
Faculty of Information Science
The Computer Systems and Media Information majors in the Faculty of Information Science focus on fundamental control technologies like programming and networks. To keep pace with the sophisticated technological innovations are hitting the world of information and communications technology every day, we built a new Building #1 in 2010 and outfitted it with some of the most advanced hardware in the country. Every one of our students takes full advantage of this generously equipped research environment, and we are also actively moving forward with cutting-edge research projects carried out in close collaboration with private-sector companies. The Faculty of Information Science taps into a set of unique sensibilities and perspectives with the aim of turning out professionals ready to charge ahead creating state-of-the-art media information systems that are friendly and approachable as well. We want you to use your studies and research here to forge innovative new connections between people and computer systems.

Shigeharu Kito


Faculty of Information Science