Schools Within the Nagoya Electrical Educational Foundation

Aichi Institute of Technology's parent organization is Nagoya Electrical Educational Foundation which has been engaged in education since its foundation almost 100 years ago.
Comprising a university, a senior high school, a junior high school and a vocational training college, the foundation endeavors to provide each age group with the best education possible as it educates the leaders of the new century.

Nagoya Electrical Educational Foundation Corporation
In the year 1912, as Japan was rapidly advancing along the road towards modernization, the school founder foresaw the industrialization of Japan early on, and, on the strength of his conviction that the age of electricity is surely coming, he founded the first school for Electrical Engineering in the Chubu district. Thereafter, the school engaged in the objective of educating not only a handful of the elite, but the engineers active at the forefront of business, and, in stride with outstanding engineering progress in post-war Japan, the school developed into a comprehensive educational system that today comprises a university, a senior high school, a junior high school and a vocational training college.
Aichi Institute of Technology
The main campus is nestled in the green hills of the Nagoya suburbs and a satellite campus is maintained at the Motoyama campus along Higashiyama Dori in Nagoya City. The Jiyugaoka campus is located near the Jiyugaoka subway station to the north of the Motoyama campus.The university has structured its educational program to include three faculties with seven departments and 14 major areas of study, and two graduate schools with Master's and Doctoral courses.
Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School
Located in Ikeshita, in central Nagoya City, the school will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012. Courses follow three greater areas of general studies, science and technology, and information sciences. This coeducational high school has a strong record of students continuing on to university or finding employment.
Aichi Institute of Technology Junior High School
The school is located in Ikeshita, in central Nagoya City, adjacent to Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School. AIT Junior High School offers a consistent structure in which each individual can reach his or her greatest potentials; a coeducational school with a cheerful and open school spirit where students learn in a relaxed atmosphere.
Aichi Institute of Technology Communications and Electronics
The college is located in central Toyota City. Approximately half of the faculty are university professors and a greater part of the classes are taught by front-line business people, as the school answers the needs of local production centers for a workforce with the skills to support an IT society; Aichi Institute of Technology accepts transfer students from the college.
Related Schools(Aiwa Educational Foundation)
As the Nagoya Electrical Educational Foundation fully recognized the need for infant education, in 1966 Aiwa Educational Foundation was founded in order to create the ideal kindergarten. Today, the foundation operates a kindergarten.