Message from the President

Yasuyuki Goto President Aichi Institute of Technology

As we reached the 100th anniversary of our school's foundation on November 13, 2012, we seek to enhance our practical education to match a new era.
AIT is situated in the Chubu Region of technology-oriented Japan. This is the heartland of monozukuri (Japanese craftsmanship) where manufacturing companies are clustered. Since our foundation, our theme has been to provide education for a socially viable work force. AIT's faculty seeks to educate a skilled work force equipped with sound technology and expertise, a rich personality and a spirit to actively pursue all challenges.

In addition to our Yakusa Campus, we have expanded to the Motoyama Campus and Jiyugaoka Campus conveniently located within Nagoya City. We now offer three faculties, seven departments and fourteen majors under the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Business Administration, and Faculty of Information Science.

While Engineering is the basis for monozukuri and industry, in this society with borderless economics and information, Business and Information require business creativity from a multi-faceted viewpoint to create new styles of business for industry, society and individuals.

Today's society is rapidly changing with globalism and IT innovations, posing new challenges to the environment and global food supplies.

AIT, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in November 2012, must respond to the needs of the times, and must distribute information to the world with a new sense of value so as to create practical and hands-on education for the new era.

Yasuyuki Goto
Aichi Institute of Technology