Founding Spirit

Founding Spirit

" Freedom, Love and Justice "
Freedom certainly entails responsibility, and yet, without freedom, creativity is unimaginable. Where freedom is present, there lies the promise of infinite discovery. Love is like the sun, nourishing all creation. Within its sphere humanity strives to build a clear and peaceful society. Justice is the crystallization of moral truth. Perseverance is the foundation of spiritual peace.

Our Educational Motto
We strive not only to be engineers excelling within our own fields of technological expertise, but to educate compassionate and considerate engineers who care for humanity and the Earth in accordance with our educational motto Creation and Humanity.

Educational and Research Philosophy
The world of learning is expanding beyond today's limits of interdisciplinary thinking and internationalization, and moreover, society needs talented people with advanced levels of specialized knowledge that can adapt to these changes.

Given these conditions, every department in the AIT Faculty of Engineering stresses application of fundamental knowledge which becomes the base for interdisciplinary studies. We have actively adopted the most up-to-date issues in modern engineering in our curriculum. In the Faculty of Business Management, we focus on education related to the management of information for Monozukuri industries and management utilizing IT. Our Faculty of Information Science has a carefully structured curriculum to educate software engineers and creators who will lead the future of Japan's industry.

The Graduate School has expanded to four Masters and two Doctorate Courses in Engineering Sciences, and one Master and one Doctorate Course in Business Administration and Computer Sciences. All courses are devoted to educating professionals capable of working in new research fields and complex research areas on an international level.