Department of Architecture
Architecture Major

Architecture is an art form and technology which has evolved through the history of mankind. Structures require form, color, and spacial beauty. At the same time, structures must be usable, safe and harmoniously collaborate with the environment and ecology. Structures should be safe against earthquakes, typhoons and other external forces.

In this major, students study the three essential areas of architecture planning, history and design, structural engineering, and environmental engineering. Case studies include residential and commercial facilities, schools, medium to high-rise buildings, cultural facilities, urban planning and redevelopment. Through these studies, we seek to develop exparts with comprehensive professional skills. With our atelier method, professional architects are invited as lecturers to teach design in small groups. Our cutting edge education also includes research at the on-campus Earthquake Research Center, Regional Disaster Research Center, and Metal and Wood work studio.

Architectural Design Major

This course is open to students with either humanities or science background who are interested in housing and interior, and who wish to enter professions related to architecture. Subjects including mathematics and physics are taught from introductory level.

Needs for housing environments have changed as lifestyles have diversified. Studies cover a variety of fields including living quarters and their surrounding environment, city planning methods, small-scale structures, indoor environment and interior. The same atelier method as the Architecture Major is adopted to teach design in small groups.

Students foster the ability to work as architectural exparts or interior coordinators, etc., who can promote comfortable living spaces.