Department of Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry Major
The applied chemistry major places emphasis on obtaining basic knowledge as well as experimental and analytical technology in various fields of chemistry such as physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and polymer chemistry, supporting modern science and technology.
With a solid foundation in these fields of chemistry, students are trained for advanced knowledge and expertise required in cutting-edge technologies including energy chemistry as represented by lithium batteries and fuel cells, and advanced material chemistry which involves fine ceramics and shape-memory material.
Students have access to equipment enabling nano research and many have participated in international conferences.
Biomaterial and Environmental Chemistry Major
The keyword of training and research in the biomaterial and environmental chemistry major is “life and environment”. According to this keyword, students are trained to gain fundamental knowledge in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry as well as experimental and analytical skills.
The biomaterial and environmental chemistry is a new field linking biotechnology with environmental chemistry, and is expected to contribute to the development of new drug and functional foods as well as the development of highly sensitive environmental sensors and sensors for biological specimen.
Many students participate in the development of cutting-edge devices, and study overseas through student exchange programs.