Department of Information Science
Computer System Major
Software technology is essential for various equipment and systems including personal computers, super computers and the interest, as well as cell phones, car navigation systems, medical equipment, robots, automobiles and airplanes.
This major seeks to train specialists and engineers of this software technology developing at an advanced level over a wide range. Students utilize the laptop they are lent for four years to systematically and practically learn software technology and related technology from the fundamental to application stages.
Media Information Major
This course aims focuses on subjects on the basics of information, focusing on the three areas Web Media Expression, Sensitivity Image Media Expression, and Monozukuri Media Expression, and seeks to train specialists and engineers who can adapt to technology innovations.
In addition to mastering media creation skills, this balanced course also focuses on creating user interfaces for smooth man-machine communication. Priority is placed on acquiring practical knowledge. In addition to exercise subjects, students have practical training in using professional CG studio equipment, graphics stations and ultra-high speed gigabit ethernet network.