Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Major
Based on basic technologies including energy, design, production system and control, a variety of advanced fields such as advanced materials, nano, biomechanics, environment and energy, sensors, and actuators are covered.
The curriculum is structured for systematic studies starting from the basics. Comprehensive Design and Manufacturing, which follows the basic design, simulation, detailed design, manufacture and performance evaluation processes in an actual industrial workshop, is mandatory for second and third year students. This gives students a chance to learn true technological skills.
Mechanical Creative Design Major
This major introduces a new method of learning in which students study a product which they find appealing, such as an automobile.
Throughout the course, students research the product and learn the mechanical engineering aspects comprising the product.
Students start by learning the mechanism of the product and proceed to understanding the fundamental technology of the machine.
Engineers who can think and act independently and voluntarily are trained through this process.
From the third year, students select a course from (1) Aerospace and Automobile Course, (2) Robot Course, or (3) Professional Engineer Course and further increase their expertise.