Faculty of Information Science

In this faculty, students are taught Monozukuri technology of information based on an information based curriculum, and learn to media expression which gives information a shape.

In this highly advanced information society, software and its added value are becoming increasingly important. Traditional added value such as functions, performance or safety is no longer sufficient, and instead future added value such as pleasure, comfort, satisfaction and safety which corresponds to people's feelings and senses is a major requirement.

The curriculum at the Faculty of Information Science is based on information engineering. Teaching focuses on media expression such as the creation of information and designs which give shape to information. Students learn to create, research and develop user-friendly pioneering media information systems which develop new relationships between people and computers.

This faculty has one course consisting of the Computer System Major which focuses on computer software development technology, and the Media Information Major which teaches the power of expression to create computer graphics and home pages, and create work using software such as CADs.

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