Graduate School of Business Administration and Computer Science

The program offers a Master's Course, and a Doctoral Course in Business Administration and Computer Science. The new department of learning, Business Administration and Computer Science, has been created by uniting Management, Finance and Information in which the objective is to foster high levels of business-related expertise.

Master's Course
Education for the future leaders in business, those who hold a Master's in Business Administration.
Business Administration and Computer Science Course
To educate professionals equipped with skills in both management and information, the curriculum offers a wealth of courses to promote the practical management skills and employable skills required in current and future businesses. In an attempt to reduce the workload of employed graduate students, we have changed to graduation requirements to either a master's thesis or research reports on two studies.
Doctoral Course
The program is geared toward educating those in the top management levels who deal with advanced computerization and globalization of the economy, as well as actively participating independent researchers.
Business Administration and Computer Science Course
Advanced instruction is conducted to augment the ability to freely envision a vastly changing society, to develop top management capability, as well as to support advanced research already being carried out at higher level educational centers and other investigative research institutes. Calling on the teaching resources of those active in the worlds of industry and education, the introduction of day-time and extension classes is designed to facilitate education for working professionals.