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Connecting students with companies offering internships

Internship programs (for credit)

Internships send AIT students to the front lines to watch and work alongside professional engineers and researchers in order to learn how they carry out their work and grapple with problems on a daily basis. These programs are designed not only give students a firsthand experience with real-world engineering practices, but also help them mature into well-rounded professionals with opportunities to consider their own future aptitudes and abilities. Every department offers internships as electives for credit.
Benefits to students
  1. Students get a creative and practical education that goes beyond classroom learning
  2. Students learn exactly what they need to do, increase their motivation to study, and hone their skills
  3. Students get clearer about their professional aptitudes and career plan
  4. Students get a real sense of what is required in their profession, so they have a realistic idea of what they’re getting into during their job-search activities
Program overview

Eligible students

First- through fourth-year undergraduates in all faculties and graduate students

Internship period

Summer: Early August through mid-September (2–4 weeks)
Spring: February through the end of March, rolling

Training details

Students engage in tasks appropriate for their year of study and in line with the purpose of the internship program

Organizations accepting interns

Companies, government agencies, and other groups capable of providing daily guidance to university students
Credits received

Faculty of Engineering

DepartmentMajorCourseCredits received
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electrical Engineering major Internships Two elective credits
Electronics and Information Networks major
Department of Applied Chemistry Applied Chemistry major
Biomaterials and Environmental Chemistry major
Department of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering major
Mechanical Creative Design major
Department of Civil Engineering* Civil Engineering major
Disaster Prevention Engineering major
Department of Architecture Architecture major
Architectural Designs major

Faculty of Business Administration

DepartmentMajorCourseCredits received
Department of Business Administration Management and Information Systems major Internships Two elective credits
Business Management major
(prior to 2012)
Sports Management major

Faculty of Information Science

DepartmentMajorCourseCredits received
Department of Information Science Computer Systems major Internships Two elective credits
Media Information major

*The Department of Urban Environment has been renamed the Department of Civil Engineering, and its majors have been reconfigured in April 2015.

Contact information

Career Center (internships)

1247 Yachigusa, Yakusa-cho, Toyota City, Aichi 470-0392
Hours: Weekdays 9AM–4:30PM / Saturdays 9AM–12PM
Note: Closed Saturdays during the summer holidays (early August to mid-September)
Note: Closed Sundays, holidays, and during the Obon and New Year holidays (excluding days when classes are held)