Dorm Facilities Information

Student dormitory (Yachigusa)

The Yachigusa Student Dormitory is located on the sun-kissed southern hills of the campus. Each room comes fully furnished with a desk, chair, closet, and bed, while the dormitory itself offers a cafeteria, bathing areas, laundry rooms, and other facilities to make life as comfortable as possible for student residents.
Eligible students
First-year male undergrads only
88 students
Length of stay
Students may live in the dorms for a period of one year, entering in April and leaving in February of the following year. Note that the dormitory closes for designated periods during the summer and winter breaks.
Applying for residency

Students must pass a screening process in order to be eligible to live in the dormitories. The screening process involves two separate stages.

First-stage application (for those that pass the recommendation screening) Printed in the new student handbook
Second-stage application (for those that pass Method A / Method M exams during the previous period and the standardized preliminary examination during the primary period)

Note: Students who are notified in March or later of their entrance examination results are not eligible for dormitory housing.
Selection method: Students who live farther away are generally given priority

Facilities and amenities
  • Situated amidst the quiet greenery of the Aichi Institute of Technology campus
  • Five-story, reinforced concrete structure
  • Bathing and laundry facilities on the first floor
  • Restrooms on each floor (rooms do not have private restrooms)
  • Each room is about 11 m2 in size and equipped with a bed, curtain, desk, chair, closet, and A/C unit (bedding and other daily necessities are to be provided by students)
  • All student rooms have internet hookups
  • Floors two through five each have an air-conditioned commons room
  • The cafeteria is right next to the dormitory
Dorm regulations

Since the majority of dorm residents are underage, no drinking or smoking is aloud. There are set meal and bath times, and residents are subject to a curfew.

Breakfast 7AM–9AM
Dinner 6:00PM–10:00PM
Bath times 5:00PM–9:00PM (showers are open from 7:00AM and closed between 9AM and 10:30AM for cleaning)
Curfew 10PM
Cost (dorm costs and other fees)
First semester Entry fee JPY 10,000 Only at move-in
Dorm fee (per month) JPY 17,000 Six months (April–September) collected in advance
Maintenance fee (per month) JPY 13,000
Second semester Dorm fee (per month) JPY 17,000 Five months (October–February) collected in advance
Maintenance fee (per month) JPY 13,000

Note: Morning and evening meals are provided by a contractor, and the meal fee is not included in the above table.

Boarding rooms, apartments, condos

A.I. Tech, Co., Ltd. can also help AIT students find boarding rooms, apartments, or condos near the university. Please contact the representative below if you would like help finding lodging.

Lodging information desk

Media Shop Com Com (AIT Plaza 2F, Yakusa Campus)

Training camp dormitory (training facilities)

Training camp dormitory facilities are available to AIT groups (table tennis club, hard baseball club, fencing club, competition ski club, track and field club, rugby club) with permission.