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Student Workshop (Mirai Kobo)
A creative space filled with machine tools, where monozukuri ideas come to life

Mirai Kobo

The Mirai Kobo student workshop was built in the spring of 2003 in the spirit of getting young people to build the future of our 21st century through monozukuri craftsmanship. It is a creative educational space where students can bring their ideas to life—nurturing their dreams and motivation as well as their spirit of adventure and willingness to take up a challenge. By experiencing the thrill of monozukuri by making things, the workshop hopes to develop creative professionals while teaching craftsmanship techniques.
The Mirai Kobo is not only open to university students, but also holds public workshops and other targeting elementary, junior high, and high school students and the general public, providing opportunities for them to experience the vast delights of monozukuri as well.
The expansive workshop facilities, located in the first basement of Building #12 on the Yakusa Campus, are equipped with machine tools primarily designed to process lumber and metal and which students are free to use.

The Mirai Kobo spirit

Create things with the power of tools and your own two hands

What memories do you have of making things when you were a kid? Did you put together a plastic model? Modify a toy car and race it? Everyone has felt the joy of creating something with their own two hands at some point. We may have had fun building things in shop class at school, but the process was still essentially scripted from beginning to end. Coming up with an idea on your own, deciding what to make, and throwing yourself into making it is not an experience that everybody gets to have. In a typical situation, for example, we might want to make something but not know anything about the materials. We may have no understanding of machines. If we have a desire to try and make something, that’s all the qualification we need. We learn by doing. We improve through failure. And the Mirai Kobo is the space that makes it all possible. Students come here to study science and technology, and this creative workshop puts them in constant contact with equipment and machines.
Even the equipment we use every day without thinking was conceived of and built by someone. Though it might seem like a distant process to you now, you will eventually reach that point yourself—and come up with something even better. The experiences you have here will not only teach you to use tools and machinery, but will likely change the way you see the objects around you as well. Are your creative fires lit? If so, it’s time to get to work! Get started on your project and enjoy!

Contact information

Student Workshop (Mirai Kobo)

1247 Yachigusa, Yakusa-cho, Toyota City, Aichi 470-0392
Tel:+81-565-48-8121 Ext:1062