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AIT libraries collect, organize, share, and store academic and scientific information with the purpose of fulfilling its essential mission of providing educational and research support services. As information becomes increasingly electronic and networked, our libraries make a special effort to enhance the services that are most relevant to our digital age.
The library website allows anyone to search AIT’s online collection, and we are increasingly introducing a variety of database services and e-journals that span diverse disciplines both within Japan and abroad in an effort to further enhance our network user environment. Our libraries also hold orientation events, database workshops, and more in order to do its part to support greater information literacy.
Collection 335,000 volumes (as of April 2016)
Periodical holdings 1,070 Japanese titles and 1,266 non-Japanese titles (as of April 2016)
Periodical subscriptions 482 Japanese titles and 119 non-Japanese titles (as of April 2016)
Online databases 14 (as of April 2016)
e-Journals About 5,374 titles (as of April 2016)
Yakusa Campus library
The entire Yakusa Campus library consists of open stacks, and features active learning rooms, computer areas, group reading rooms, individual reading rooms, audiovisual rooms fully equipped with presentation systems capable of handling almost any type of media, and more. In addition to facilities and equipment ready for a variety of projects and events, the library offers the thorough and extensive reference services users need to make the most of the information it manages.
Media Center (second floor of Building No. 1 on the Yakusa Campus)
The Media Center is divided into a desktop computer area, audiovisual area, and notebook computer area and also offers networked printers. The audiovisual area has individual booths and larger ones where pairs or groups can view the DVDs and videos in the library’s collection. The Media Center is open weekdays from 9 AM to 7 PM.
Presentation Room (second floor of Building No. 1 on the Yakusa Campus)
This room is designed to both give and prepare for presentations. It can be reserved at the front desk of Yakusa Campus library or Media Center.
Jiyugaoka Campus Multimedia Information Library
This facility has forty computers set up for information-based learning. The stacks in the first-floor basement primarily contain books and scientific journals relevant to the courses taught at the Jiyugaoka Campus.

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