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Research Institute for Industrial Technology
A research center that encourages industrial, academic, and government collaboration, worthy of its position at the heart of cutting-edge scientific and technological advances

Research Institute for Industrial Technology (RIIT)

Academics at the Aichi Institute of Technology focus on practical learning in the world of Japanese monozukuri craftsmanship, and its Research Institute for Industrial Technology was established in April 1992 to encourage collaboration with industry and government players with the goal of putting together academic and research activities that can respond to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse industries of the future as well as support local communities. In addition to making academics and research at AIT more international, cutting-edge, and diverse, the RIIT serves as a hub for collaborative industry and government research projects led by faculty throughout the university and is the beneficiary of financial assistance from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Technological development projects at the RIIT particularly focus on supporting local industries.
On campus, AIT has an experimental research organization consisting of the Seismic Resistance Experiment Center, Disaster Prevention Research Center, and the Eco-electric Power Research Center—all of which operate under the RIIT—as well as the Green Energy Research Center research organization actually located within the RIIT building. The RIIT also serves as the main interface between the university and its partners in government and industry circles to promote research collaboration, and features an outside collaboration center on the premises to support faculty research activities. The diagram below gives an overview of these various roles and activities.

  • Research Institute for Industrial Technology (RIIT)

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