Management and Information Systems major Department of Business Administration

Management and Information Systems major
Learn business administration from a monozukuri perspective that only a technological institute can offer
Information has become a valuable resource that is changing the way our world is structured. The skills managers need at business sites are also changing, and companies now need professionals who have a balanced and competent grasp of administrative knowledge, skills, and information. The Management and Information Systems major takes advantage of the strengths and information at our technical institute to turn out modern management experts.

What you’ll learn with a Management and Information Systems major

  1. Every student is given their own laptop computer free of charge to spark their motivation to learn
    Every student in the Management and Information Systems major is given a brand new laptop that enables them to learn anytime, wherever they are. This not only fosters an environment that supports education, but is also the key to creating motivated learners.
  2. Choose from five specialty programs and learn what you need to launch your future career
    We offer five specialty programs: the Management Training Course; Planning, Sales, and Service Course; Monozukuri Technical Management Course; Accounting Course; and IT Technician Course. Students learn practical management skills that are effective in the real world.
  3. Study on the convenient and accessible Jiyugaoka Campus
    Our campus is located just a minute’s walk from Jiyugaoka Station on Nagoya’s Meijo subway line. Students in the Management and Information Systems major are the only ones at AIT with the privilege of learning on this highly accessible campus complete with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Put your knowledge to work

We provide a business education that covers the information processing companies need to operate as well as IT-driven management. Get the skills you need to make a difference in the world.
Companies and offices Whether they are big or small, today’s companies make use of staff members with a variety of job descriptions—from managers and sales representatives to accountants, IT technicians, production managers, and more. Modern managers need foreign language skills and a global mindset that they can put to work abroad, while IT technicians have a thorough knowledge of the computers that keep companies running.
Convenience stores Marketing, development, quality management, logistics, human resources and more—the success of a convenience store depends on shop operations expertise.