Sports Management major Department of Business Administration

Sports Management major
Get integrated training in business administration and sports science
Attention is focused on mega sports events centered on the Olympics. However, in Japan, where the foundation of the sports business is not well established, there is an urgent need to develop human resources who can manage and produce sports. From here, human resources who will lead the rapidly growing market and change the sports world will be born.

What you will learn in the Sports Management Major

  1. To take advantage of learning fundamentals of sports management at university
    Nationwide, there are not many universities that major in sports management.
    Sports management is a field that is highly expected for the management of sports-related companies and regional revitalization. It's important to get started now to lead the mature sports market.
  2. To support professional baseball and football teams from management perspective
    Which no longer will be a dream.
    There are a wide variety of places of employment for seniors who have graduated. The management skills acquired can be utilized in various industries. Some graduates have found employment in professional baseball teams and golf clubs.
  3. In addition to management, one will be able to study sports in wide range
    In addition to management fields such as management analysis of sports-related companies, you will learn sports from various perspectives, such as the impact of sports on society and tactical analysis using a personal computer.

Put your knowledge to work

Get the knowledge and practical skills you need to manage sporting events or athletic teams—or be a part of making lifelong community sports initiatives a success.
Lifelong sports Lifelong sports have been making headlines as a way to support healthy lifestyles for entire communities—particularly as Japan faces an increasingly graying population.
Athletic facilities Whether it’s baseball, soccer, or handball, athletic facilities are becoming an increasingly critical part of making athletic events a viable business activity.