Faculty of Business Administration Departments and Graduate Schools

Take advantage of all the IT equipment a tech university has to offer and become business leader for the information age.

What you’ll learn in the Faculty of Business Administration

  1. Select the specialist courses to match your ideal career path!
  2. Get to know the front lines of the market with quality courses taught by industry professionals
  3. Get the international perspective and language skills critical in the modern business world!

Departments and majors

Department of Business Administration

Learn business administration from the perspective of monozukuri craftsmanship, information technology, or sports, grasping the latest trends among global companies in the digital age.
  • Management and Information Systems major

    Gain a systematic understanding of business in the digital age with a well-balanced curriculum of information processing and management studies.

  • Sports Management major

    Learn the basics of sports science and management together in this integrated program and make a lasting impact on the athletics market.

We give graduates the real-world skills most sought-after in business, specializing in practical management, monozukuri, information technology, and sports

  • GOTO Tokimasa
AIT Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration at the Aichi Institute of Technology offers a practical management curriculum focused on monozukuri, information technology (IT), and athletics. Our foundation lies in technical education, so we turn out graduates with strong ties to the world of monozukuri, or Japanese craftsmanship and maintain a very high employment rate. We build on our long history and excellent track record training engineers, adding to it up-to-the-minute trends in an increasingly IT-driven, global business environment where even athletics are managed more like companies. Our coursework places a heavy focus on management training, monozukuri technical management, accounting, planning and sales, and IT as well as foreign language ability. We also take advantage of an environment that attracts numerous outstanding athletes so that we can train students in the sports management skills in high demand in today’s world.

GOTO Tokimasa


AIT Faculty of Business Administration