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Center for General Education
Offering general education that goes beyond science and coursework—a place to develop the basic skills that will form the foundation for your specialty area

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The General Education Center is the organization in charge of the core curriculum at AIT, including mathematics, physics, foreign languages, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, pedagogy, and more.
The center contains both the Science Division and the General Education Division. The former gives students a basic knowledge of science and math as well as the scientific critical thinking skills that will lay the foundation for later specialist coursework. The latter offers humanities courses designed to develop depth of character in line with AIT’s founding spirit and educational motto.

Science Division

The Science Division takes charge of lectures related to mathematics and physics within specialist education courses. The natural sciences—among them mathematics and physics—are the foundation for all engineering studies. These classrooms cover entry-level content while putting students in contact with the academic framework of the natural sciences, cultivating scientific ways of thinking, getting them to adopt a scientific view of the natural world, and giving them the foundational knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in their later fields of engineering specialization.
Our courses are the common core courses listed on the curriculum pages for each department, and can be classified as either shared foundational courses for multiple types of engineering or as courses designed as stepping stones to specific specialist courses in individual departments—and the academic focus is less on memorization and more on understanding and thinking.
Among the general courses offered in the Science Division are Biology and Engineering as well as Environment and Human Activity. Lectures in chemistry and other topics are taught by faculty members from the Department of Applied Chemistry.

General Education Division

The General Education Division offers a broad-based, in-depth education while cultivating all-around discernment, with the purpose of turning out students of exceptional character.
The Aichi Institute of Technology has a Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Business Administration, and Faculty of Information Science, each offering in-depth course in their respective areas of specialization. Unfortunately, however, students working in these disciplines have a tendency to narrow their focus, becoming absorbed in that area alone and closing their eyes to other perspectives. To prevent this, general education classes offer broadminded studies and knowledge aimed at turning out mature citizens with a depth of character, sensitive to the myriad permutations and peculiarities of human beings and societies.
The “education” prized by our center is not just about specializations, but instead about understanding the ceaseless interplay among different specializations, developing a cosmopolitan focus, and fostering high levels of discernment.

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