Architectural Design major Department of Architecture

Architectural Design major
Become a residential environment expert as you create everyday living spaces
The Architectural Design major teaches core subjects like mathematics and physics in a way that is approachable even for liberal arts students interested in residential structures and interior design. Get a broad-based education that allows you to meet the diverse needs of modern everyday people, focusing on smaller structures, indoor environments, and interiors as you learn about design, environments, and residential spaces. We turn out conscientious professionals able to design rich living spaces.

What you’ll learn with an Architectural Design major

  1. Get the same solid foundation as Architecture majors during your first and second year
    In their first and second year, Architectural Design students take the same courses in construction methods, design drawings, and architectural environment studies as students in the Architecture major. Both large structures and smaller residential buildings are built on the same core principles. The quickest way to your future goals is taking the time to lay a solid foundation.
  2. Get critical residential design knowledge on the latest equipment, trends, and more
    Housing trends change with the times, as does the equipment homes are furnished with. Keeping pace with current developments and taking the time to understand the function of state-of-the-art equipment are critical skills for residential designers.
  3. Set your sights on becoming an interior designer or planning specialist!
    Interior designers are sought-after professionals for their knowledge of interiors, their artistic sense, and their ability to put together a solid interior plan. Many Architectural Design students earn their qualifications while still in school, giving them an advantage when they look for jobs after graduation.

Put your knowledge to work

Design individual homes and housing complexes in preparation for a professional career where you will create all aspects of residential environments, from interior elements to city planning features.
Showrooms Put your artistic flair to work as you design eye-catching retail spaces, attractive product displays, and more.
Housing Creating residential spaces that put people at ease and allow them to live comfortably requires broad-based knowledge that goes beyond basic design skills.