Mechanical Engineering major Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering major
From fundamental technologies to cutting-edge science—set your sights on the world as you gain viable engineering skills
Students start with fundamental mechanical engineering technologies and advance into a broad array of pioneering fields like high-tech materials, nano-engineering, biomechatronics, environmental and energy sciences, sensors, and more.
Our curriculum starts with essential foundations and proceeds systematically. We ensure that students get viable engineering skills by requiring them to study integrated design production hands-on at actual production facilities starting in their second year.

What you’ll learn with a Mechanical Engineering major

  1. Start working with mechanical drawings your very first year. They are the basis for everything else you will learn.
    Students take courses in mechanical drawing—the basis for all mechanical engineering—starting in the first semester of their very first year. This gives them the basic knowledge and proper drawing skills that are the essential first step to becoming a mechanical engineering specialist.
  2. Study energy and the environment with our extensive green curriculum
    Creating low-carbon societies across the globe is a pressing problem of our age, and engineers must grapple with energy and environmental challenges. Research ways to resolve these critical issues, and before you know it you’ll have a wealth of knowledge in these important fields.
  3. Take your pick of careers at any one of Japan’s leading corporations
    The Chubu region is the heartland of Japanese monozukuri craftsmanship. The Mechanical Engineering major focuses on practical scholarship and research with the purpose of sending exceptional graduates into the many leading Japanese firms in the area.

Put your knowledge to work

Students start with fundamental mechanical engineering technologies and advance into pioneering fields like micro- and nano-engineering and biomechatronics.
Auto body A sleek auto body is actually the result of engineering work that makes maximum use of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.
Production plants What kinds of machines do factories need to improve productivity? Get the skills you need to create the next generation of high-efficiency production equipment.