Mechanical Creative Design major Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Creative Design major
From finished products to machinery and equipment, challenge yourself to translate your ideas into reality
Mechanical Creative Design majors find out what makes products attractive and meaningful and then learn the mechanical engineering principles they need to make those products a reality. Our students start by learning about product assembly and then move to basic mechanical engineering, eventually becoming professional engineers capable of self-directed creativity and action.

What you’ll learn with a Mechanical Creative Design major

  1. Disassemble products to find out how they’re put together—and in the process, get the knowledge and skills you need for monozukuri craftsmanship
    Take apart actual commercial products and reassemble them in order to learn about the components and structures that make them work as well as how to apply them. This unique AIT approach gives our students a thorough understanding of machinery and equipment.
  2. Go out and challenge yourself at contests and competitions!
    There are all kinds of competitions where Mechanical Creative Design students can put their skills to the test—including robot contests, birdman rallies, and more. Become an expert in your chosen field by working night and day on your monozukuri project!
  3. Focus on the design and production skills that will take you from building to full-scale fabrication in the world of monozukuri
    Our Mechanical Creative Design students focus on their creativity and design skills, so they not only get a thorough knowledge of mechanical equipment, but also gain the ability to create innovative products from scratch. We turn out engineers who can translate their ideas into real-world creations.

Put your knowledge to work

We product outstanding engineers with well-rounded skill sets and a particular focus on mechanical engineering in aerospace, automobiles, and robots.
Robots The world of robots is packed with hidden potential, with research into everything from anime-style robots to robotic machine tools.
Aerospace We encourage our students to get involved in dream projects involving futuristic aviation and space engineering technology.