Computer Systems major Department of Information Science

Computer Systems major
Be a software engineer and blaze new trails in our digital world!
Software is used everywhere—from sophisticated rockets and aircraft in the aerospace industry to the smartphones and car navigation systems we use every day. Students in the Computer Systems major focus on software development technologies like programming languages, operating systems, web programming, and integrated programming while also working with hardware and networks. This extensive curriculum prepares our graduates to become the leading software engineers of the next generation.

What you will learn in the Computer Systems Major

  1. Learn the basic, acquire practical skills through drills and experiments.
    The strength of this major is that it lays the foundation for learning by working on programming and exercises from the first half of the first year. Based on this foundation, we will carry out further practical training and exercises to systematically acquire software development techniques and develop practical skills.
  2. Experience ICT equipment first hand.
    A computer system major that gives lectures and exercises while actually experiencing various ICT devices. By touching the latest equipment, we will deepen our understanding of the ICT society.
  3. Get involved in research and development as the member of research lab from third year on.
    I will be assigned to the laboratory from the first half of the third year and will start research and development of advanced ICT technology. By setting a long time to face research, software that achieves good results in contests is born.

Put your knowledge to work

Get the practical skills you need to create software for computers, mobile phones, and other devices as well as core systems for the financial sector and other industries.
Office buildings Modern corporations cannot function without a variety of digital systems, and these systems cannot run without systems engineers.
Public wireless LAN Japan is currently expanding its public Wi-Fi services in cities, tourist areas, and more in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. Computer systems engineers are needed to advance network security and other related technologies.