Media Information major Department of Information Science

Media Information major
Get an up-to-the-minute education with access to Japan’s most sophisticated technological equipment!
Japanese anime and video games have taken the world by storm, and it is likely that digital media will soon become one of the country’s most important industries. Students in the Media Information major focus on CG technologies used in Hollywood movies and many other fields, web production technologies, and the CAD technologies that have become indispensible in design and development processes for automobiles, aircraft, household appliances, and more. This up-to-the-minute education prepares our students to become world-class creative media information professionals.

What you’ll learn with a Media Information major

  1. Renowned film directors occasionally teach special courses
    Film directors working on the front lines of the industry may participate in student research presentations or even teach special courses where students get a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to show them their work. AIT makes it all possible with its unique learning environment that lets students not only learn technology, but also creative approaches from real-world professionals.
  2. Ample opportunities to present outside of AIT and get involved with students’ work at other universities
    The Media Information major offers students numerous opportunities to present their work at university exchange sessions, events held at commercial facilities, or even international academic conferences. There are also many chances to get involved with work by students at other universities, for diverse sources of inspiration that take student skills to the next level.
  3. Post-graduation opportunities abound—the path you take is up to you!
    After graduation, some Media Information majors take up engineering positions with manufacturing companies, while others go on to work in the media industry. One of the outstanding features of the major is the breadth of career opportunities it offers. Our students are able take the sophisticated skills they learn here and make their professional dreams come true.

Put your knowledge to work

We give our students access to Japan’s most advanced facilities and equipment in order to turn out professional computer graphics specialists, web designers, and other creative digital medial professionals.
Websites The online world is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and needs programmers, designers, and other professionals with expert technological skills.
Smartphone applications Smartphones offer limitless possibilities for user convenience in every area of life. Get the knowledge you need to take the next bright idea forward.