Media Information major Department of Information Science

Media Information major
Get an up-to-the-minute education with access to Japan’s most sophisticated technological equipment!
Japanese anime and video games have taken the world by storm, and it is likely that digital media will soon become one of the country’s most important industries. Students in the Media Information major focus on CG technologies used in Hollywood movies and many other fields, web production technologies, and the CAD technologies that have become indispensible in design and development processes for automobiles, aircraft, household appliances, and more. This up-to-the-minute education prepares our students to become world-class creative media information professionals.

What you will learn in the Media Information Major

  1. Learn the basic, acquire practical skills through drills and experiments.
    One of the strengths of this major is that you will work on exercises from the first year and develop practical skills through hands-on experience. By accumulating experiences in many exercises, we develop the ability to understand intuitively and connect it to applied ability.
  2. Experience the highest level of video equipments in Japan first hand.
    Another feature of this major is that you can learn media information technology while actually operating the highest level computers and video equipment in Japan. We will also challenge the latest CG technology and video production.
  3. Get involved in research and development as the member of research lab from third year on.
    I will be assigned to the laboratory from the first half of the third year and will start research and development of advanced ICT technology and video production. By focusing on research and production themes, we will grow into a student who can make presentations at major events and international conferences.

Put your knowledge to work

We give our students access to Japan’s most advanced facilities and equipment in order to turn out professional computer graphics specialists, web designers, and other creative digital medial professionals.
Websites The online world is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and needs programmers, designers, and other professionals with expert technological skills.
Smartphone applications Smartphones offer limitless possibilities for user convenience in every area of life. Get the knowledge you need to take the next bright idea forward.