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Education that stays ahead of the times

The Aichi Institute of Technology has its beginnings in the founding of the Nagoya Training School of Electricity in 1912 by Professor Takasaburou Goto, who saw that Japan was on the road to modernization and that electricity would be the power source needed to drive it forward. AIT eventually opened in 1959 as the first college of technology in the Chubu region, and since then has worked to provide a professional education not for a handful of elites, but for the technicians and engineers that work on the corporate frontlines. Along the way, the university has undergone striking developments in order to keep pace with our changing times—adding to and enhancing its departments, faculties, research institutions, graduate school, and more.
AIT celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2009, while the Nagoya Electrical Educational Foundation marked one hundred years in 2012. Over the decades, the world we live in has undergone intense globalization and an increasing reliance on information and data. People’s values and daily lives have also changed significantly as science and technology have advanced; at the same time, we are facing climate change and other environmental shifts, growing economic disparities, fewer children and an aging society, and a host of other challenges that cannot be solved with outdated systems or old ways of thinking. It is for this reason that we are committed to providing education that always stays ahead of the times; AIT offers increasingly international, diverse, and cutting-edge academics and research for the purpose of turning out professionals with the creativity and depth of character to tackle the problems of our modern world.

Atsushi Goto

President and Chairman of the Board

Nagoya Electrical Educational Foundation

Message from the President

  • Message from the President

Supporting students from every angle

Since the Aichi Institute of Technology first opened its doors, we have been offering students profound scholarship and sound technological skills based on our founding spirit of Freedom, Love and Justice as well as on our educational motto Creation and Humanity. We are committed to doing everything we can to push our academics and research forward with the goal of turning out competent professionals who also have depth of character. Aichi Prefecture has become a teeming hub of monozukuri, or Japanese craftsmanship, in recent years, and AIT is fulfilling its role as a comprehensive technical university in the region by enhancing the practical educational offerings that will develop human resources who can make their mark on the world stage. As part of this endeavor, we are offering language training programs in the US, New Zealand, and various other countries while promoting academic exchange programs with partner schools in China and elsewhere. We want to support technical education not only in Japan, but in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world as well.
AIT is also working to set up educational and research facilities that spark students’ curiosity and passion for learning. In April 2015, we built the New Building #2 complete with a Robot Museum. The facility also features a glass-walled project room designed to encourage cross-disciplinary ideas about how we might create a future world where robots play a pivotal role, or might make more use of robots in the construction or electrical sectors.
I feel it is important for AIT students to excel not only in terms of knowledge, but in their integrity and strength of character as well. Our approach is to faithfully plow ahead with steadfastness and discipline.
AIT faculty and staff are called upon to have the courage to press ahead and to push our students forward, always encouraging them to take up the next challenge without fear of failure. We put our heart and soul into supporting students from every angle.

Yasuyuki Goto


Aichi Institute of Technology