Department of Business Administration
Management and Information Systems Major
In this era where the digital knowledge and skills required for business is greatly changing through the advance of digitization and internationalization, this major teaches fields related to management and information process with a well-balanced curriculum and trains personnel who can structure systems within a corporation.
Students gain a systematic understanding of businesses incorporating IT, and learn information processing required for managing a company, and management which utilizes information. Students are lent a laptop computer during their four years of study so they can freely learn how to use various computer software essential for the workplace.
Business Management Major
Students are trained to accurately identify ever diversifying consumer needs, and to work actively in various aspects of business including product development, production, logistics and sales.
Studies cover a wide range of business such as marketing in which consumer market trends are analyzed and marketable products are developed, monozukuri which proposes high quality and cost effectiveness, and information technology which utilizes the internet.
Seminars featuring corporate managers, actual financial instruction by specialists from corporate finance and accounting departments, and seminars in preparation of various credentialing exams are held throughout the year.
Sports Management Major
As interest increases in watching sports, sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup are the gateway to big business chances.
In this major, students study how to manage sports in various scenes including professional, amateur, university and club sports, and at regional, private and public facilities. Students practice the management and operation of corporate teams, sports teams and events through a combination of people, objects, money and information.
Through this course, students are trained in the use of computers and networks, and gain skills to play an active role while applying management strategies.