Faculty of Business Administration

Budding economists are trained in information processing, marketing, management science or sports management so that they may adapt to the undulating changes of globalization and IT implementation.

In this faculty, students research and study cutting edge internet and computer technology, basic theory of ICT (information communication technology) and its application to business. Emphasis is placed on information technology classes and lab studies which utilize hands-on information network facilities.

Students learn to accurately pinpoint the flow of global business in the 21st Century, analyze the theory and methods of economic and corporate systems, production systems and market fluctuations, and learns the concept of the new era of management equipped with IT. The current state of internet businesses, electronic commerce and venture businesses are actively incorporated and ample cases and exercises are conducted to turn out personnel equipped with adaptable fighting potential.

There are three majors in this department. Management and Information Systems Major focuses on corporate management information processing. Business Management Major teaches marketing, management science and advanced production methods for monozukuri industries. Sports Management Major cultivates the ability to manage sports.

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