Facilities Information

Facilities Information

AIT has some of the most advanced research facilities in the country, equipped with a full complement of world-class experimental devices not found at private companies or other universities. We are also proud of our well-appointed athletic facilities.

  • Research Institute for Industrial Technology

    The Research Institute for Industrial Technology is a state-of-the-art experimental facility hosting a variety collaborative research projects with industrial and government players.

  • Seismic Resistance Experiment Center (SEIREX)

    This is one of Japan’s largest experimental facilities, designed to advance earthquake-resistant and structural engineering technologies through joint projects involving industrial and government players.

  • Disaster Prevention Research Center (DPREC)

    The Disaster Prevention Research Center uses earthquake information to research and develop cutting-edge disaster prevention technologies.

  • Eco-electric Power Research Center

    The Eco-electric Power Research Center brings together industry and university players on a single team working to advance the development of environmentally conscious, next-generation power distribution systems.

  • University Library

    Boasting a collection of more than 320,000 volumes, academic paper databases, and more, the university library is a rich hub of information for AIT students.

  • Information Technology Center / Computer Education Center

    The Information Technology Center and Computer Education Center represent the core of the on-campus network infrastructure, and maintain a richly-appointed programing environment while supporting other academic and research activities as well.

  • Student Workshop (Mirai Kobo)

    The Mirai Kobo building gives students full access to the equipment and resources they need to experience the art of Japanese monozukuri craftsmanship firsthand. It is open to any student who completes the training course.

  • Educational Facilities

    AIT classrooms are equipped with a variety of amenities to support educational activities, boosting student motivation by offering a rich learning environment.

  • Student Life Facilities

    Our student services facilities are also well furnished to ensure that AIT students are comfortable living and studying on campus.

  • Athletic Facilities

    Sports are an indispensible part of a healthy, active university experience, and we offer full-scale athletic facilities for every type of activity or event.

  • Dorm

    Learn more about the Yachigusa Student Dormitory and our overnight camp lodging (overnight group training facilities).