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Information Technology Center / Computer Education Center
Together, these cutting-edge educational support facilities serve as an information processing hub for the entire university and the heart of AIT’s advanced information technology curriculum.

Information Technology Center

Offering an optimized computing environment for research and education
In order to provide an optimized computing environment for research and education, the Information Technology Center manages and operates the on-campus network, as well as a variety of servers, and more.
The Computer Education Center and Information Technology Center together have a total of 407 personal computers set aside for educational use, and has extended its hours so that students can use them for their personal study in addition to computer training and other coursework.
The core of the on-campus computing network, ensuring the smooth flow of information around the clock
The trunk network is the information processing backbone, which is speeding up connections and advancing to improve network access to various branches of the campus environment. The use of the data center is recommended for use of the server connected to the internet, network devices and so on, as well as for the uninterruptible power supply, its advanced safety, and its strengthening against disasters. Mail and storage use is now cloud based, offering a way to provide services suitable for this day and age.

Computer Education Center

The heart of the information curriculum used to train engineers equipped for our multimedia world
In addition to the traditional programming curriculum, the Computer Education Center was established for the purpose of teaching students to communicate via computer, and to use the internet to collect and analyze information, and achieve various other aspects of computer literacy. The Computer Education Center offers specialized education focused on information processing technology, and education specific to engineering is conducted in the use of applications such as CAD tools, simulators and computer graphics. The center is equipped with two laboratories, a self-study network room, and other facilities that offer students an open learning environment and serve as the heart of the university’s cutting-edge computer education curriculum.
Practical training that gives students sophisticated computer literacy skills
The Computer Education Center helps students gain advanced computer literacy—in other words, master the use of computers and networks. Each new student gets an ID and disk space upon arrival so that they can not only use email, but also have full access to web-based communications.
Programming labs, CAD workshops, and more keep our engineers on the cutting edge
Two- and three-dimensional CAD tools, electrical system simulators, and other sophisticated applications are available at the Computer Education Center. This equipment is used in AIT courses, but is also open for student use at other times. AIT works hard to ensure that students are given the cutting-edge information processing skills they need to be immediately effective in the workforce.
Personal computers outfitted with extensive software and data ports offer full internet access
The Computer Education Center provides an ideal environment for both individual and group study, featuring open spaces equipped with a variety of data ports, personal computers, printers, self-study network rooms, and more. There is also an area equipped with large printers and scanners necessary for printing out blueprints and so on. Students can bring their own laptops and connect them through data ports for immediate internet access.

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Information Technology Center / Computer Education Center

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