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List of facilities

Center for General Education
  • Building #10
Made up of natural science and General Education Division, this is the place for well-rounded learning that goes beyond science and coursework—a place to develop the basic skills that will form the foundation for your specialty area.
Academic Support Center
  • Academic Support Center
Full-time staff at the Academic Support Center with additional staff on standby at the General Education Center offer student consultations, while guidance on specialist education is also available in conjunction and collaboration with faculty advisors.
Building #12
  • Building #12
Building #12 is designed to motivate students’ desire to learn. Floors 2–4 have seminar rooms and lecture classrooms and are open on Saturdays as well.
Extension Center (1F)
  • Extension Center (1F)
The Extension Center is set up to help students who want to get national or public certifications, offering workshops while giving students access to related documents, practice problem sets, and more.
Student Workshop (Mirai Kobo) (B1)
  • Student Workshop (Mirai Kobo)
The Mirai Kobo is a place to experience the joy of monozukuri craftsmanship through access to tools and machines for processing metal and wood materials, and is open to any student who completes the training course.
Machine Shop
  • Machine Shop
The Machine Shop is equipped with a diverse array of machine tools—with everything from a standard machining center and lathes to cutting-edge equipment.
Earthquake Research Center
  • Earthquake Research Center
The Earthquake Research Center features an experimental shake table device capable of performing vibration tests on a variety of structures in order to better understand structural behavior during an earthquake.
Building #1
  • Building #1
Building #1 is one of AIT’s signature structures, featuring student meeting spaces, a media laboratory, and other state-of-the-art IT equipment.
Media center (2F)
The media center offers areas where students can watch DVDs containing educational materials, films, and more. Computers are also available for student use in an ideal study area.
Presentation room (2F)
  • Presentation room (2F)
The presentation room is set up with all the equipment you need for a rich presentation event, offering the perfect space for meetings of ten people or more.
Career Center (2F)
  • Career Center (2F)
The career center is a powerful ally for students looking to create their ideal future, giving them access to company information, offering consultations on job search activities, and more.
Media AV room (3F)
  • Media AV room (3F)
The Media AV room is lavishly equipped with a giant 400-inch screen and 4K projector—and is used for larger classes, academic conferences, and more.
New Building #2
  • New Building #2
Get ready for the new and improved Building #2, to be completed on Yakusa Campus in the spring of 2015! Enjoy an even richer learning environment with our latest structure, equipped with the latest energy-saving and energy-creation technologies.
Robot Museum (1F)
  • Robot Museum
This facility offers visual displays of our robotics research and educational outcomes, and reflects our commitment to being an open university striving to give back to the local community.
Atelier (B2, B1)
  • Atelier
This facility houses our small-group drafting and design courses while also providing space for students to independently tackle their own research topics and questions. Individual workspaces are provided.

Other facilities

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