Athletic Facilities Facilities Information

List of facilities

Kotokukan (auditorium and gymnasium)
Equipped with a 4,100-person auditorium for major university-sponsored events, entrance and graduation ceremonies, school festival concerns, and more.
1F Small gymnasium (3F), workout rooms, locker rooms, etc.
2F Two basketball courts, offices, etc.
3F Stands
Usage information
  • Workout room

The workout room on the first floor of the Kotokukan is open to all students when it is not being used by classes. If you wish to use it, you must check in beforehand with the office on the second floor (you will need to show your student ID). Make sure to bring your workout clothes, indoor shoes, and towel with you.

While classes are in session, the Kotokukan is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (days without physical education or health science courses) between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM and when the second-floor office is open (note that it is typically closed between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM).

  • Office

Check in at the office if you want to use the workout room on the first floor of the Kotokukan. You can also check out basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, or badminton equipment here. (Sports equipment is also available through the Student Affairs Section.

Small gymnasium
The small gymnasium is located immediately to your right when you come in the south entrance to the Kotokukan. It has areas for table tennis, fencing, archery, and more.
1F Fencing arena, archery range
2F Table tennis area
Rooftop athletic field

The infield of the rooftop can be used as a rugby court, and is equipped with nighttime lighting as well. In the southwest corner of the athletic field is a storage building with equipment for a variety of sports and ballgames.

  • Track: Eight 400-meter tracks, running broad jump and triple jump
  • Rugby court: 100 x 69 meters
Tennis court
Management structure complete with three all-weather courts, locker rooms, and more
Baseball field

Includes nighttime lighting and a rain-protected practice area, with 2,000 spectator seats for public games as well.

  • Outfield: 91.5 m Infield: 118.9 meters
  • Spectator seating: 1,000 seats in the main stands, 1,000 infield seats
Archery range

About 200 square meters in size including the target area, with a 12-meter long shooting area for six people. Includes makiwara practice area, administrative office, and lockers.

Soccer / ball field
On the west side of the track area is a field for soccer and other ball sports that can be used for club activities and more.

Using the athletic facilities

The Yakusa Campus track, tennis courts, soccer field, and ball field are open to regular students at AIT. Inquire with the Yakusa Campus Student Affairs Section if you would like to request to use them.