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Architecture Major
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Students in the Architecture major get a balanced education across three areas: planning and design, structures and materials, and environments and facilities. This results in professionals with a solid, all-around skill set that can be applied to a broad range of projects—from residential and commercial facilities, schools, high-rise buildings, cultural facilities, urban planning, redevelopment initiatives, and more. We make use of studio-based courses taught by active professional architects to make sure students are surrounded with practical learning experiences that put them in step with the latest industry trends.

What you will learn in the Architecture Major

  1. Comprehensive study of three fundamental fields of architecture.
    From the first year, learn basic subjects of engineering and architecture to acquire basic academic ability as a building engineer, and learn the three fields of "planning / design", "structure / material", and "environment / equipment" in a well-balanced manner. To acquire comprehensive strength.
  2. Develop a multifaceted perspective of architecture with emphasis on environment, facility and personnel.
    Architecture is not simply a matter of constructing buildings. Architects must consider the environment, available facilities, people, and many other diverse perspectives. For this reason, our students take courses in psychology, environmental studies, and other disciplines to ensure that they become broadminded professionals.
  3. Curriculum that takes into consideration one's personal needs.
    Experiments conducted in massive research facilities have a unique dynamism that gives students the feel of a real construction site. The curriculum also features creative workshops to develop modeling and design skills, ensuring that students naturally develop the practical skills they need in their future careers.

Put your knowledge to work

Architecture majors are given the sophisticated practical skills they need to create ideal physical structures—buildings that are at once beautiful, functional, and safe.
Office buildings High-tech buildings are packed with the latest construction technologies in seismic resistance, comfort, security, and more.
Production facilities Creating safe, efficient production facilities requires comprehensive design skills, knowledge, and artistic sense.